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About Us

The C S TEXTILE has established in the year 2014 and run by Mr. Hariprasath CEO / Owner, who have Two decades of experience in textile industry. Now we are one among the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality Sweaters and Luxury Home Textiles operating from Tirupur and Karur of South India.


To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction like quality, timely delivery and zero-defect goods. To be peace with nature by creating and promoting the environmental awareness to fulfil our social responsibility.


We want to be an one-stop solution for sweaters and luxury home textiles in the global market.

Research and Development

We interlace our day today life with textiles as much as possible. Our innovation in Sustainable and recycled material helps to reduce the global warming. We use new technique and technologies to better the comfort and good vibes in our home and consumables.

Our Infrastructure

Knitting Factory- Tirupur

Woven Factory- Karur

Knitting division

Linking progress




Final Inspection

Ready to dispatch

Our Process


We had stored the Raw materials in order to ensure uniform quality of the product and price fluctuation control. So is that help us to provide some lot of uniform coloring progress.


We dye our yarn, fabrics and all types of printing in GOTS and Oeko-Tex100 certified processing units. Thus we ensure that our coloring process is safe for the end user and for the environment.


We have own fully fashion knitting machines imported from Germany to meet the new trend, fastest delivery time and right quality We have different types of knitting gauge machines.


We have a strong team of weaving technicians and wide range of looms to deliver the designs as per the needs of the customer. So, that techniques help to fulfill our customer requirements.


Our skilled workers and modern machines are capable of handling any new designs and patterns. This process whereby fabric is fashioned into a finished product by means of different techniques.


The garments are checked for the stated and implied needs of the customer and ensured that all the technical aspects are met, steaming is done to pack the garment in prestine condition.


Our quality control team follow as per inspection procedure with all quality parameters before shipping and also an online inspection is done to ensure the defect tolerance is zero percent.


Finished goods are packed as per the ratio and assortment required by the customers. The goods are ensured free of mold and any contamination. Presentation of the products is of utmost importance.


We have a strong network & logistics to handle our shipments through sea & air. Provides innovative solutions to drive process improvements & cost controls in your company's logistics.

Our Certificate



Oeko- tex




Meet Our Founder

Hari has more than two decades of business experience and has been involved in the entire production chain and buyer integration. Hari lives in India and wants to expand the business globally .

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